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Dave Johnson's 
Magic And Comedy

"Anything's possible."


Turn up your volume and don't worry. It is safe for work as long as your boss doesn't catch you watching Magic And Comedy on company time.


Here is a full routine for you. Enjoy this next 7 minutes of my magic and comedy.


I was able to be Nathan Burton's guest act a few times back in the day (2009) at The Flamingo. This routine plays for anywhere from 10-10,000 and the audience loves to see it again as long as the person up there with me hasn't seen the routine before as it becomes somewhat of an inside joke. Hope you enjoy.


This hamster use to be a paper pusher at the office I got him from.

ATM Prediction

This probably won't happen to you.


Entertaining audiences for 30 years, Dave Johnson's clients include the Department of Defense, the Air Force and a laundry list of Fortune 500 companies. He has entertained A-listers from celebrities like boxing legend, Roy Jones, Jr. to start-up CEOs such as Drew Houston from DropBox and Kevin Systrom from Instagram.

Dave Johnson's high energy magic and comedy leaves the audience roaring with laughter and smiling from the wonder that he instills in them.  He is a member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle.)

Awards Include:

•Stage Magic Contest Finalist In World Magic Seminar At Rio Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas

•Close-up Magic Finalist In World Magic Seminar At Tropicana Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas

•Voted One Of The Top Restaurant Magicians In California By The Society Of American Magicians And International Brotherhood Of Magicians

•Voted One Of The Top Stand-up Magicians In California By The Society Of American Magicians

•Kiwanis Family House Appreciation Award

•Shriner's Contribution Award

•2014 and 2015 Magician of the Year for Best in Business' Las Vegas Region


So you need to hire an entertainer. There is a question that you should consider:

Q: Is this an event for a private engagement or a business/organization function?

A: It doesn’t matter. Dave Johnson has specialized entertainment for both scenarios. This includes:

• Hospitality Suites/Product Kickoffs

• Award Ceremonies/Training Seminars 

• Birthdays For Adults/Anniversaries/Weddings /Funerals*

• Banquets/Picnics/Cocktail Hour(s)

• Trade Shows/Vendor’s Fairs/Commercials

• Fundraisers/Customer Appreciation Events/Restaurants

• Comedy Clubs/Colleges/Grad Nights


Need someone to take charge of a room? Found an emcee for that event yet? When you want to have a large group of people entertained at the same time you should contact Dave Johnson. He has been entertaining crowds for decades. A few good examples of where to hire Dave at are:

• Banquets

• Comedy Clubs

• Fundraisers

• Assisted Living Centers

• Everywhere you might have 20-2,000 people

small groups

Magic can be done for one person or a small group of people. Dave is always coming up with new routines so he can walk up to a group of people and “grab” them by their sense of reality and sense of humor and shake them into not knowing what is real. Whether it is entertaining people at restaurants, waiting in lines or in a hospitality suite, Dave has the customers coming back again and again and again and...

*If the person who the funeral is for is in charge of paying Dave Johnson, 100% deposit is requested.

Clients Include:


  • “Dave Johnson is a very funny, very clever comic magican with a quick wit and a charming personality. A delight to watch. I would book him anytime and know the audience would have a good time.”

    Winston O'Rourke
    Creative Director Catch A Rising Star Legendary Comedy and Music Club
  • “Dave is a VERY funny guy.”

    Jerry Springer
    TV Personality
  • “Left the entire room spellbound... Magic and Flair unparalleled by anything...”

    Department of Defense
  • “The audience is always roaring in applause, laughing hysterically and it's always an amazing trick that just blows people's minds.   He has a really great energy and exuberance.”

    Shawn Tempesta
    Host of KTNV Channel 13's Morning Blend
  • “He is hard to hold down and his magic is good stuff.”

    Society of American Magicians